Android dating simulation games

Also play the event gacha and wear as many tie-up outfits as possible to max your score.

Complete free offers with Tapjoy and buy the rainbow dx drink if your total stamina is over 100.

mt=8 Get it on Android here: This card captor sakura-ish outfit is adorable and it was what I got for free.

id=ambition.googleplay_nizikano2d_glb&hl=en Geeky: 2/5 Sweetie: 5/5 Overall: 60/80 75% C “Good Game for Girls” Concept: 10/10 This game utilizes Live 2D, a new technology to bring 2d characters to life. The other gacha items sometimes (most of the time) will not be animated.

I wasn't going to bother adding this game to my library, but I might as well add it because it's so popular in Japan.

This is the perfect game for people who aren't into "3D girls." The game has been out for a long time and they are constantly adding new 2D girls ranging from imoutos, oneechans, teachers, shy girls, tsundere, etc.

I deducted a point due to the over use of the cash shop items especially in ranked events.: You should always max your charm right away by exchanging event medals – I went from getting 200 points to about 2000 points each click by just trading in my medals.She runs a blog in her spare time at she writes about video games, kdrama, anime, technology, toys, dolls, and kawaii fashion.In 2006, Jenilee graduated with a BS in Emerging Technology and Design. Jenilee currently works for a small manufacturing company designing websites, email marketing, digital advertising, and print advertising campaigns.You can also make recommendations and see them wear your own items.At level 30 you get a 2nd girlfriend increasing your dressup potential two fold.

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